My Life in Space
The Story Behind NASA's Amazing Pictures of the Planets

by William B. Green
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"An enthralling account of the hard work, struggles, conflicts, and triumphs that happen behind the scenes of every space mission"...The Planetary Report

Go behind the scenes of NASA's unmanned missions to experience the amazing, marvelous, and often funny tales describing how America's space agency produces its incredible pictures of the planets.

My Life in Space: The Story Behind NASA's Amazing Pictures of the Planets by award winning author William B. Green brings to life the little known story of the men, women and organizations responsible for producing some of the most unforgettable and historic images to ever be captured by humankind.  For more than twenty years author Green worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech, directing scientists and engineers involved in various unmanned space missions designed to photograph our solar system, planets, moons, and beyond.  The product of their efforts is depicted here in remarkable and awe-inspiring photographs showing the beauty of nature.  Other illustrations depict talented scientists and engineers at work creating spectacular images and large mosaics of the planets.  My Life in Space guides the reader through a non-technical narrative that will illuminate and educate, while it entertains every step of the way.  This is one book that delivers wonder and excitement with every turn of the page. 

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