My Life in Space
The Story Behind NASA's Amazing Pictures of the Planets

by William B. Green
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"It contains the war stories of a retired soldier whose campaigns have taken him to destinations across the solar system"...The Planetary Report

William Green served as Manager of the Spitzer Science Center and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he managed development, integration and test of the Science Operations System used to process infrared astrophysics data returned from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.  Prior to joining Caltech, he spent 20 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where he directed teams responsible for processing images from NASA's planetary exploration programs, including  Mars Pathfinder, Cassini, Galileo, Magellan, Voyager, Viking and the Mariner spacecraft.

He received the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal and the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurels Award for his work on the Mars Pathfinder mission.  He is author of two textbooks on digital image processing.   Since his retirement from Caltech, he has provided consulting services to several NASA missions, including the James Webb Space Telescope, the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope,  and the Phoenix, Kepler and and WISE missions at JPL.  He served as a member of the NASA WFIRST Independent Review Team in 2017, and is currently on review boards for the WFIRST Coronagraph Instrument now in development at JPL.

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